Donors are the essence of Legacy Global Foundation. Our goal is to help each donor by tailoring a giving strategy to match their philanthropic objectives and to make donating as streamlined as possible.

Legacy Global Foundation serves as the critical link between donors, communities and the causes they care about.

The Foundation consists of named funds established by donors - individuals, families, corporations, and organizations - that address a broad range of donor interests. A Donor Advised Fund is an account held by a public nonprofit corporation, like Legacy Global Foundation, Inc. The donor names the account, and recommends grants and other philanthropic uses for the funds.

Expand your reach without diminishing your impact

With the help of our donors, we have been able to fund humanitarian, environmental, social rights, and world changing efforts close to home and around the globe.

How Helping Others Benefits You

How Helping Others Benefits You-

Few charitable planning platforms offer the versatility and administrative efficiency of a donor advised fund. A Donor Advised Fund allows the donor(s) to build and maintain a lasting social legacy, without the complexities, costs, and administrative burdens associated with private foundations.

Donor benefits include:
Immediate tax deduction
Donations are fully deductible in the year they are made (up to 50% of AGI) and, depending on circumstances, may be carried forward for up to five additional years.
Avoidance of capital gains tax
When appreciated assets are donated, no capital gains are realized or reported by the donor.

Independant tax planning and charitable support decisions
Establishing and funding a Donor Advised Fund provides an immediate tax advantage, yet allows the donor to retain the right to recommend charitable grants at a later date. Donors may recommend grants in support of multiple philanthropic causes.

 Future funding
Once established, a Donor Advised Fund can receive gifts from any source, at anytime, resulting in an immediate tax deduction. A common source of future funds is the remainder value of a charitable gift annuity or other planned gift. You may designate your Donor Advised Fund as a beneficiary of your will or trust.

 Simplified administration
When donors establish a Donor Advised Fund with Legacy Global, they obtain the services of Legacy Global to assist with fund administration, compliance, granting, and reporting.
Types of Benefit Organizations Can Include:
Assets from a DAF can provide support to:
  • Legacy’s philanthropic initiatives
  • Public charities
  • Private charities
  • Educational institutions
  • Religious organizations
  • Other qualifying non-profits

As children, helping and giving to others came easily and were encouraged, but somewhere between who we were then and we’ve become, everything changed. Isn’t it about time for us to finally become who we always thought we would be?