About Us

Legacy Global Foundation

Established in 2001, Legacy Global Foundation is a 501(c) 3 public, nonprofit organization with a mission to bless the whole world by delivering the promise that inspires charitable giving.  Legacy offers unique solutions and tools for charitable giving to high-net-worth individuals and families.  Legacy supports charities by helping donors integrate charitable giving strategies to protect donors’ assets, increase available income and reduce taxes while financially contributing to charitable organizations.

Legacy is led by a principle-based, long-term-focused Board of Directors, and staffed by a dedicated group of caring individuals.  As a philanthropic organization, Legacy focuses on its charitable mission and initiatives.  Legacy encourages and recognizes the value of donor recommendations and intent.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Legacy provides mutually advantageous opportunities for charities, donors, businesses, and financial & legal advisors.  Legacy provides strategies and tools for lifestyle-enhancing benefits with maximum simplicity.  As part of this, Legacy delivers guaranteed benefits to donors and the charitable causes donors support.

Who we serve

Legacy serves five groups:

  1. Charities
  2. Charitable recipients
  3. Donors
  4. Advisors
  5. Businesses

Through value-based planning, Charities and Donors can realize intrinsic benefits.  Legacy provides a wide range of services to complement and enhances our Donors’ charitable intent, these include:

  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Support Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Endowment Funds
  • Impact Investments or Program-Related Investments
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Pooled Income Funds
  • Community Action Boards
  • Plan Design & Consultation

Our Unique Brand of Giving

There are many organizations now offering donor-advised funds.  What sets Legacy apart is:
  • Legacy is an Operating Charity. — This allows Legacy to offer more flexibility in what our donors may support.  In addition to grants to public 501(c)3 organizations, our donors may support foreign causes, missionary and educationally endeavors, be reimbursed for otherwise tax-deductible expenses, or support charitable causes that have yet to be formally incorporated.  Much of this administrative work is automatically accomplished by Legacy’s staff.  Legacy has a rigorous compliance process that ensures our donors are protected and IRS/legal requirements are met.
  • Independence.
    • Open Investment Platform — Legacy works with accredited investment advisors (often referred by our donors) to structure the investment of the funds entrusted to Legacy.  This allows our donors to have an increased voice in the investment of the funds entrusted to Legacy and for those investments to be uniquely tailored to each fund’s needs.
      • Alternative Investment Options — Many donors wish to gift illiquid, or non-traditional assets. Legacy both accepts non-traditional assets as gifts and may also make investments in such assets.
    • Not Cause Bound — Legacy is not bound to any one cause and does not restrict funds to support specific organizations or causes.  When a donor makes a request, Legacy’s staff works with the donor to fulfill the donor’s charitable intent regardless of religious, political, or other views that may differ from donor to donor.
    • Operates Globally — Legacy supports causes around the world and can invest in foreign operations.
    • Administrative Independence — It takes money to pay for the operating expenses of running a charity.  Because Legacy is an operating charity, all amounts allocated to the operations of the foundation are used to support charitable programs inspired by our donors.  Many donor-advised fund platforms outsource their administrative services to a for-profit company.  This means that the amounts assessed for operating purposes to accounts held at those organizations may be incentivizing related parties in how they choose to administer the fund.  Legacy’s staff and board are truly independent to work for the best interests of our donors and the charitable causes they support.
  • Customization & Integration of Planned Giving — As each donor situation is different, Legacy works with your team of advisors to ensure that your charitable legacy is part of your estate and business plan.


Legacy Global Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Directors.  Legacy’s Board members are all volunteer and are not paid or otherwise compensated for their services at Legacy.  Legacy’s Board brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that benefits Legacy Donors, Partners-In-Philanthropy, and Legacy staff in furthering Legacy’s charitable mission.

Legacy’s Board is comprised of:

Richard E. Durfee Jr., President & CEO

Paul Petersen, Secretary

Tom Brown, Director

In addition to Legacy’s Board, there are several Officers of Legacy which are authorized to act on behalf of the organization.  These Officers are non-voting and do not hold a place on Legacy’s Board.

Legacy’s Officers are:

Melodie Durfee, Cheif Financial Officer

Michael Glover- Director of Advancement

Michelle Morgan- Controller

Amanda Adams- Program Director

Teale Badertscher- Program Director