Mission & Vision

Legacy Global Foundation’s Mission is to Bless the Whole Earth by Delivering the Promise that Inspires Charitable Giving.  Legacy programs are designed to have the greatest possible impact in making Legacy’s Mission a reality.

Legacy Mission

Legacy’s Mission focuses on the following areas of specialization: Addiction Recovery, Animal Welfare & Species Protection, Arts & Culture, Community Development, Community Service, Counseling, Culture & Humanities, Education & Scholarships, Environment & Sustainability, Health & Human Services, Humanitarian Relief, Justice & Public Safety, Medical Assistance, Religion, Research, Social Welfare, Technology Development, and Youth Programs.

Legacy’s Mission is focused on Perpetual Giving Programs and is realized in four focus areas:

Awards in Funding consisting of grants & distributions to: Nonprofit Organizations, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Religious Organizations, Foreign Nonprofit Organizations, NGOs, and qualified individuals.

Program Related Investments made to participating charities and other socially conscious organizations and businesses.  These Impact Investments are made to further charitable and social purposes and may be made to or in conjunction with For-Profit Enterprises and Private Foundations.

In-House Charitable Programs which facilitate the charitable intentions of Legacy’s Donors and Board.  Focuses of these programs align with Legacy Values and are primarily geared towards youth based, service oriented, or foreign operations.

Administrative & Advanced Planning Services provided to Nonprofit Organizations, Donors, Financial & Legal Advisors.  These services are provided primarily to existing charitable organizations.  Services provided to Donors and Financial & Legacy Advisors are provided in terms of servicing and empowering charitable intent.  Such services are not given when such services might result in private inurement or benefits which are excluded and prohibited by applicable law.

Legacy Vision

Legacy’s Vision for the world involves promoting a future world legacy of:

Resilience.  Change is inevitable and such change is often traumatic for individuals, communities, and humanity as a whole.  Legacy’s vision includes empowering individuals and communities to be resilient during such changes.  When disaster strikes, resilient individuals and communities rise up to become better as a result of the disaster.

Just as trees develop deep roots as the result of storms or lack of water, humanity can and should develop deeply rooted traditions, values, enterprises, abilities, and dynastic behaviors which promote humanity’s ability to survive and improve the world through such resilient survival.

Self-Reliance.  Being self-reliant means being able to rely upon one’s self in such a manner that you are able to improve your own circumstances and help others improve their condition as well.  How can anyone help another person if they are unable to take care of their own needs?

A legacy of self-reliance does not mean a cultural focus on the individual to the detriment of the community.  Rather, it means empowering individuals to become involved in creating cultures and communities of cooperation, service, and growth.  This empowerment comes through promoting the abilities of each individual in being responsible for creating a better world for themselves and others.

Legacy Values

Freedom.  Upholding the rights and privileges of all people to enjoy the freedom to choose who and what they will be and do.  Promoting: peace and equality; political and religious freedom; the rights of women, children, minorities, and abused or repressed peoples around the world.  Protecting the rights and privileges of all people to make their own choices and then be personally responsible for those choices.

Truth.  Advancing the discover of all truth: scientific, economic, religious, historic, and social.  Promoting informational freedom and availability.

Service.  Preserving values throughout generations by promoting volunteerism and active interest and participation in creating a future beneficial to all.

Education.  Facilitating the development of programs and institutions designed to train, educate, and develop creative independent thought and the minds and skills of humanity.

Community.  Developing self-sustaining communities designed to implement growth and progress on a continuing basis.  Encouraging individuals to be self-sustaining and to participate in building communities which work synergistically to provide for the needs of all peoples.

Health.  Advocating the spread of healthful practices and products to increase the quality of life and the average life span throughout the world.