Practice Areas


Legacy grants out amounts to support charities worldwide.  These grants are frequently geared towards specific charitable programs, capital campaigns, or administration needs of such charities.

Charities work with Legacy through Legacy’s Partner-In-Philanthropy program.  Legacy provides back-office administrative functions and compliance solutions for charitable organizations.  Legacy assists charities with accounting, tax, or the business management aspects of running a successful program.  This allows participating charities to focus on their charitable mission.

Many charities offer Planned Giving services, hold Endowments, or participate in Impact Investing opportunities through Legacy’s Partner-In-Philanthropy program.  This program does not imply a legal partnership between Legacy and the participating charity.

Charitable Recipients

Legacy provides support for qualified recipients in terms of grants, program support, other funding, and shared resources.  Working together with Legacy can enlarge the impact of a charitable gift.


Legacy works with Donors in many capacities.  Some Donors work with Legacy in administering Family Foundations in the form of Donor Advised Funds, Support Organizations, Private Foundations, or Split-Interest Gifts.  Such Donors typically seek out Legacy for administrative functions and compliance support.  Other Donors work with Legacy as volunteers in administering Legacy programs or in creating charitable programs which meet a currently unfilled community need.


Legacy provides tools and resources for financial and legal advisors.  These tools and resources are intended to assist such advisors in working with clients who have charitable intent.

Legacy works with advisors in designing custom, integrated charitable plans.  Legacy plans are intended to facilitate the charitable intent and planning goals of each client.  Plans are customized for each client and such clients may benefit from the tax advantages of such plans.


Legacy promotes socially conscious business through Impact Investments and the creation of Private Label Foundations that work in conjunction with for-profit enterprises.