Legacy recognizes that its fiduciary responsibility does not end with maximizing return and minimizing risk.  Short term economic growth may come at considerable cost to community and environment.  Legacy acts on the principle that fiduciary responsibility demands the combination of prudent financial management practices with social, environmental, and economic practices consistent with Legacy’s mission.

Investment Objectives

Legacy’s primary investment objective is to generate enough income and capital gains necessary to support Legacy’s operations and charitable purposes over the long term. Legacy works with donors and advisors to set spending/disbursement levels based primarily on an assessment of:

  1. Charitable Intent & Goals
  2. Current Need
  3. Current & Projected Investment Returns

Investment Platforms

Legacy Global Foundation has an open investment platform.  Legacy maintains investment accounts with outside, third-party investment firms around the world.

Legacy’s staff and board members may be actively involved in the management and oversight of investments.  Legacy’s staff and board members are prohibited from participating in transactions that may result in private inurement or in commissions.

For clients with accounts that maintain a value over $50,000 Legacy may permit qualified and credentialed advisors to manage the investment portfolio.  Advisors must be licensed to perform such services.

Investment Types

Legacy permits investment in both domestic and foreign platforms.  Legacy does not permit Margin Trading, investment activities that may trigger UBI, or investments that are not permitted by applicable law.

Legacy may permit the following types of investments:

  1. Impact Investing & Program Related Investments
  2. Annuities & Insurance Products
  3. Publicly Traded Securities
  4. Real Estate
  5. Privately Held Business Interests
  6. Unusual Assets

Donor Involvement

Donors associated with a specific fund, program, organization or investment are authorized to receive information regarding the specified assets and to be involved in investment discussions and recommendations.  Legacy’s donors are not authorized to direct the investment of Legacy’s assets.

Investment Disclosures

Legacy’s Board of Directors retains complete discretion over the investment and management of all assets of Legacy.  Costs related to an investment will be directly paid for by the associated fund/program.  All investments must comply with applicable law and tax regulations.

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