Engineering Scholarship in England

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Engineering Scholarship in England

Engineering scholarship in England

Tubbs Family Blaenau Gwent Scholarship, Providing Engineering Opportunities in England

Engineering scholarship in EnglandPast winners of the scholarship have been inspired and now have goals and dreams that were previously out of reach. Simon Betts wants to apply his area of study to the aerospace and aeronautical industry, whereas Adrian McDarren is completely revolutionizing his career, finally having the means to allow him to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer. Future recipients will also be able to progress and obtain their goals, tailoring them to each individual dream.

In addition to the advantages of being provided funds for an education, students who are awarded this scholarship have the unique advantage of being awarded a student membership in The Institute of Engineering and Technology – IET – for the duration of their program. ┬áThe IET is world renowned and acts as a prestigious leader in the engineering and technology community. This component reflects the intention of the scholarship; to allow students from under-represented communities have opportunities that they would not have had otherwise.

Graham Tubbs, originally from South Wales, is proud of his education in the UK and he and his wife, Kathleen, are making an active effort to give back to the community from which he came. Through their efforts, students can now face the challenges of being an engineer with a solid and quality education to back them. However, the main point is that they now can have those challenges at all.

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