Anonymous Giving

Are You Interested in Anonymous Giving?

Many donors wish to remain anonymous in their giving and keep their family name private.  Legacy facilitates such preferences on gifts for all account or fund types.

All donor information is kept confidential, however sometimes even the fund name gives away the identity of the donor.  Legacy respects the privacy of donors and selecting “Anonymous Giving” provides the maximum amount of information security. Donors may elect to request that Legacy handle communications and grants with the fund name kept confidential from the recipient.

Is it possible to remain anonymous and still be involved with the grant?

Grants made through the Anonymous Giving program use Legacy as the correspondent and omit all references to a specific fund.

Some Legacy donors wish to remain anonymous but also still be involved in the grant process.  By donor request, Legacy facilitates donors being able to hand deliver grant checks to the recipient charity.  These donors are able to personally witness the joy of giving while retaining anonymity.

Donors may elect for all communications to grant recipients be done anonymously, or for one-time grants to be anonymous.  Legacy’s grant and distribution request forms provide this option to donors.  Regardless of any recommendations on Anonymous Giving, Legacy will only release specific fund information to authorized individuals (see Legacy’s Privacy Policy for further details).