Whether you’re happily retired, recently retired, or still in your working years, including a charitable giving component in your overall financial plan can have significant income and tax benefits. Legacy Global provides integrated charitable giving strategies for donors to maximize donor benefits including:

  • Increased income
  • Maximum tax benefits
  • Security for heirs
  • Establishment of a charitable legacy

Who is a candidate for planned giving?

If one or more of the following situations apply, Legacy Global can show you how you may benefit from planned charitable giving:

  • Selling an appreciated property, investment or business
  • Large IRA or 401(k) and an otherwise taxable estate
  • No children (or when the children already have an acceptable inheritance)
  • Taxable estate – to capture funds otherwise lost to taxes for social security
  • Fixed income investment alternative
  • Need income tax deduction for other planning purposes
  • Planning for Medicaid spend down requirements
  • Highly compensated – putting away tax deductible funds for the future
  • Creating cash flow from unproductive or underproductive asset
  • Fund asset replacement life insurance premiums
  • Reducing the cost and compliance overhead, and improving the tax benefits of Private Foundations

In addition to meeting specific financial needs, an integrated charitable giving plan can also assist with:

  • Establishing charitable intent and other giving objectives
  • Retaining family influence and accountability for the charitable use of funds
  • Passing family values and mission to future generations
  • Protection from elder abuse or exploitation


Legacy Global works with donors and advisors to design and implement a variety of charitable giving tools depending on each donor’s specific needs and goals.

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