Donor Bill of Rights


1. To know the organization’s mission, policies, procedures, and capacity
2. To have confidence in and to know the organization’s board
3. To have access to the organization’s financial statements
4. To have their gifts used for the charitable purpose for which they were given
5. To receive appropriate acknowledgement & recognition
6. To have their information protected and confidential to the extent provided by law
7. To expect professional service and relationships
8. To be informed regarding management
9. To opt out of marketing from an organization
10. To ask questions and receive prompt, truthful answers

Part of Legacy’s charitable mission is to empower donors to focus on what matters most. Legacy accomplishes this by providing administrative tools that allow donors to volunteer for and donate to the charitable causes that have personal meaning for the donor.

Legacy’s Board focuses on preserving the original charitable intentions of donors. Legacy staff works to protect donors by providing information and guidance regarding current applicable law.

Donors are empowered to focus on the charitable mission, rather than be bogged down with legal and accounting compliance work. Donors also have the advantage of collaborating with other similarly minded Donors and may choose to carry out their charitable mission through any number of Legacy’s many charitable initiatives.