Why Legacy Global

Legacy is an operating charity, and independent Donor Advised Fund platform and provides administrative tools for Partner Charities.


Because Legacy is an independent giving platform, this means that Legacy is not tied to a specific investment platform, cause, or geographic region. Legacy supports all qualified charitable causes in accordance with Legacy’s mission and the charitable intentions of Legacy Donors. When Donors’ or their families move, Legacy is able to support causes throughout the world. The investment platform for the Donor Advised Fund may be customized to fit the individual needs of each Donor Advised Fund.

In-House Charitable ProgramsLegacy continues to set-up and

Legacy continues to set-up and run in-house charitable programs. These programs support local, small charitable endeavors in communities around the world. Often these programs are created because of an inspired and dedicated Legacy donor or volunteer. Legacy’s in-house charitable programs offer Legacy Donors greater flexibility in the management, operations, and scope of impact available.

Operating Costs

Legacy is dedicated to making every dollar count for the cause. Every spending decision and budget item is carefully reviewed to ensure that funds are utilized in the most effective, charitable manner. Because Legacy is an operating charity, all allocations to Legacy’s general operating fund directly support charitable causes outside of Legacy itself.

Legacy works to keep operating costs down while also providing exceptional service to our Donors and Partner Charities. Legacy’s Board is comprised of volunteers and Legacy does not give commissions to staff, volunteers, advisors, or contractors. Those working for and with Legacy do so because they have a personal commitment to making the world a better place through the fulfillment of Legacy’s mission.

Accountability & Dynastic Value Preservation

Laws and regulations continue to change. Organizations alter the programs they offer and the values they support. Legacy has the ability to grow and change as needed to preserve Legacy Donors’ charitable intent, regardless of the inevitable changes that will occur in the future.

Legacy has a dynastic succession plan for preserving Donors’ charitable intent and values and holding Legacy accountable. Do you have a succession plan for holding future generations accountable to the values you consider important?

Experience, Vision, & Advanced Planning

Legacy brings a wealth of experience in complicated and unique problem solving and planning. Areas of expertise include: non-profit finance, planned giving, non-profit budgeting, tax planning, estate & business planning, family value training, and investment experience.

  • Non-profit finance
  • Planned giving
  • Non-profit budgeting
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Business planning
  • Family value training
  • Investment experience

Legacy is a charity and as such, does not provide financial or legal advice to donors. Legacy coordinates and works with Donors’ existing financial and legal teams to meet Donor goals and maximize charitable planning options.