Partners In Philanthropy

Blessing Charities Worldwide

One of the greatest challenges many non-profits face is increased competition from other non-profits for limited funds, volunteers, and resources. Legacy’s Partner-In-Philanthropy program brings non-profit and business organizations together. This partnership empowers participants to increase impact, use and share resources wisely and reach a larger market sector.

Legacy’s philosophy is based on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Although resources, money, time, and people are limited, working cooperatively together can create a larger impact than any individual organization can alone. Part of Legacy’s mission is to provide additional resources to nonprofits. These resources may not be available to small to mid-size organizations due to: lack of time, lack of expertise, and lack of knowledge. Legacy partners with other non-profits to bring Planned Giving, Impact Investing, and administrative services to those organizations desiring improved performance, greater impact, and larger fundraising contributions.

Benefits of Legacy’s Partner-In-Philanthropy program:

Services Provided:

Do well in your business by doing good in your community

Socially responsible companies are at the cutting edge of today’s business world. It is no longer enough to simply make a good product. Success requires that business leaders also have a vision for improving the world that works in conjunction with their business and brand. Establishing a Partner Charity for your business is a fundamental step towards creating a socially conscious company. Business organizations can instill giving as part of the company culture.

Charitable causes, important to your business and its customers, can benefit. This creates a new avenue of marketing: promoting the social benefit of your company makes you memorable. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to purchase socially conscious brands and products.

Legacy Global assists business owners in creating a charitable giving component to their business plan. Business owners may select a cause or causes to support via grants that align with the company’s overall business objectives. Legacy creates and administers these charitable programs in partnership with socially conscious business organizations – it’s easy, it costs nothing to set up, and requires only limited oversight by the business owner. Legacy also provides input regarding effectively involving employees, customers and vendors in the charitable program.

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