Serving in Southeast Asia

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April 20, 2016
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Serving in Southeast Asia

Serving in Southeast Asia

Helping You Change the World Your Way

Serving in Southeast AsiaOften, caring people want to do good in the world, but do not know how and are not confident that their efforts won’t be swallowed up in the cost of running an enormous charitable organization. That is why they turn to us. Legacy Global Foundation is devoted to helping individuals promote their causes; making a difference in the part of our global community that speaks to their own hearts.
James and Marilyn are devoted to their cause and have turned their lives into a ministry. They have a purpose and have given an eloquent testimonial to explain how Legacy Global Foundation is helping them to improve the world:

“We served as Missionaries to SE Asia for 14 years. When we returned to the United States, it was our desire to continue reaching out both overseas and here in the U.S. through faith-based activities.
Legacy has provided an avenue for us to invest in a way that supports this vision. When we first considered developing this kind of fund, the best long term return was through real estate. They helped with the purchase and then the management following the initial investment. This has allowed a steady monthly income to fund the outreaches. We have had opportunities to minister in various countries and in the United States. We’re grateful for the support provided through Legacy’s help.
There has been good coordination between the Legacy staff and the management company selected to care for the real estate property. The Donor Advised option in this investment has allowed us to select a Ministry Organization to continue to use this revenue when we are no longer able to do so. We appreciate their wisdom and this opportunity to work with Legacy Global. Thank you!”

Legacy Global Foundation is equipped and ready to help you make your vision a reality. Let’s change the world together.

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